Grace Starts Here

Women trapped in domestic violence, homelessness and addiction often feel Hopeless. Lost. Powerless.

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My Grace is Sufficient For You

Together we can let these women and their precious children know that they are safe, loved and that God’s grace is enough for us all. Finding Grace is the first step to healing.

The Shepherd’s Gate Difference

Mothers and children can stay together as they recover from trauma of the past.

Child specific programs allow moms to focus on their own classes and healing. Children have after school care, one-on-one homework help, guidance in processing bad memories, counseling referrals, Bible classes and even child care during the day. By staying together, a mom and her children heal together.

Women and children have all their basic needs taken care of, so they can focus on healing.

At Shepherd's Gate, women and children have a safe place to live in a home-like environment, family meals and other essential items, even school supplies.

Women and children arrive hurting, desperate for help and healing.

Through the support of friends like you, they experience God's grace and find love and healing.

Life-skills and parenting classes are just part of what helps women become their best selves.

Women gain essential life-skills through classes such as: budgeting, money management, anger management, parenting and more!

Shepherd's Gate offers lasting solutions - we have a success rate of over 80%!

Our detailed, whole woman approach helps each women not just survive, but thrive. That's why over 80% of our graduates go on to live independently and don't return to their past lives.

Shepherd's Gate works to help the whole woman. And just like each woman is unique, so is each of their journeys.

Every woman gets individualized care that she needs to find healing. They have access to resources such as counseling, case management, education and job-training, and more!

Two Shepherd’s Gate
Campuses to Help More Women


The first campus opened over 30 years ago to help abused women and children find safe shelter. Located in Livermore, it includes 2 residence halls and cottages to meet the needs of our clients.


Shepherd’s Gate’s second location opened in 2006 to allow us to help more women and children in Brentwood.

A Thousand Heartbreaks

Before Teresa came to Shepherd’s Gate, she had endured more heartbreaks than most people ever experience.

As a child, she suffered from trauma which led her to endure physically and emotionally abusive relationships. Seeking a way to cope, she began using drugs and became addicted to meth. Her addiction led to damaged relationships, job loss, even homelessness.

But her worst heartbreak came from having to go through the unimaginable.

Her infant grandson passed away, and she held his body in her arms.

“Our whole family was in sorrow, grief and pain,“ Teresa says.

Eventually, all of the hardships led her to hit rock bottom. She found herself homeless, jobless and felt hopeless. Teresa sat in her truck sobbing. She didn’t know where to go or what to do, so she just prayed.

“I never felt more lost and alone or unloved,“ Teresa says. “I knew I wanted a different life. This wasn’t the life I wanted at all.“

Then she felt God telling her to go to Shepherd’s Gate. Teresa immediately drove to our Brentwood campus to fill out an application and enroll in our recovery program.

Thanks to caring friends like you, Teresa discovered that Grace Starts Here. Through her journey of recovery, she learned how addiction damaged everyone in her family. She’s begun healing and is working to repair those relationships.

But best of all, Teresa learned that God pours out His grace and love for her.

“Shepherd’s Gate has made me realize I’ve always had a father’s love. He has been with me all my life.“

“When I came here,
I found peace.”— Lisa